Watching This Tiny Child Dance Like Beyonce Will Force You To Second Guess Your Own Dance Skillz

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Heaven King Dancing Beyonce Grown Woman The Ellen Show

If Beyonce was dead, I'd assume that three-year-old Heaven King inherited her soul. But as well all know, God can't die. She can move Heaven and Earth and release secret albums, but she can't die. So that's not the case here. But ever since we first met Heaven King last fall, we've obsessed over her Beyonce skillz. And yes, skillz this amazing deserve that z.

Like many other pint-sized Youtube stars that Ellen DeGeneres discovered, Heaven King's now a regular on the show. Okay, not a regular. But she is back for a 2nd time. And if we've learned anything from the life and times of Sophia Grace and Rosie, she'll be returning to the show every year until she turns 18. Or until a handsome prince finds her chained up in Ellen's Magic Emporium of Magically Gifted Children and frees her. “Be adorable on your own time,” he says to her as she spirits her away on a Unicorn and over a rainbow into a land that decreed that the world viral be banned.

True tales of indentured Youtube performances aside, Heaven King's dance to Beyonce's “Grown Woman” blew me away. The kid can dance! Much better than I can! Which isn't saying much since my moves are only slightly more sophisticated than someone who is in a full body cast while simultaneously trying to deal with food poisoning. But still, I'd go out on a limb here and say she's better dancer than you too. Especially considering that she probably just learned to walk last week. And yes you dum-dums, I did get a degree in Child Development in addition to one in Communications.

(Photo: Ellen TV)