17 Former Heartthrobs Who Became Serious Actors

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The term heartthrob is most often thrown around often to describe young, attractive male actors and the implication is that most of their fame is thanks to their wildly good looks. Most of these heartthrobs eventually fade from the spotlight (think '90s babe Jonathan Taylor Thomas), but some are able to find an identity outside of their heartthrob status by taking on more ~mature~ roles. The transition can't be easy, especially considering the fact that most critics may have already come to conclusions about their acting ability and persona once they've been regulars on Tiger Beat and J-14, for example.

Heartthrobs who become serious actors have serious talent. Some had their first touch of fame in the '90s, others before, and some even after. Enjoy the following gallery of 17 former teen heartthrobs who found success as serious actors with staying power.