16 Documentaries to Stream if You’re Being More Health-Conscious

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It’s pretty crazy how one good documentary can completely change your outlook on life. Sure, they’re just movies, but there’s something uniquely amazing about sitting down, relaxing and having your mind blown in two hours. Health documentaries, in particular, tend to be the most thought-provoking. They look at the things we eat, the activities we partake in, the things we buy, the industries we support, the way we treat our bodies and show us how it really works — behind the scenes. The truth can be scary (for example, learning about what goes into that burger you ate last night), but in the end, it’s best to be well-informed, happy, and healthy.

That’s why we highly recommend these documentaries (all of which, BTW, you can stream on Netflix or Hulu) that cover everything from the meat industry, to big pharma, and marathon running. Prepare for your mind to be blown and your lifestyle to change.