Girls Season 2 Premiere Date Announced: 12 Things To Look Forward To

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For those of you dreading the long, cold winter, there's light at the end of the tunnel: We now know when Girls‘ second season will start! Although we already knew to expect it sometime in January, creator and star Lena Dunham tweeted the official date yesterday. Mark your Google calendars now and make sure not to miss the night of January 13th, 2013. (Or, more likely, plan to torrent it online later that Sunday or on Monday.)

Girls season 2 premiere date Lena Dunham tweet January 13

For many people, the night of January 13th is gonna be a Sophie's Choice kind of situation, because Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are hosting the Golden Globes at the same time. So many lady-crushes on TV simultaneously!

Lena has been spotted around Brooklyn shooting new scenes with her partners in crime Allison Williams, Zosia Mamet, and Jemima Kirke; and with the show's Emmy nominations, we've been getting lots of tidbits at awards shows, parties, and via Twitter. But it's tough to keep straight all the guest stars signing on for this season, plus where Hannah and the rest of her hilariously self-involved friends will be. So, here's everything you should expect from Girls season 2:

1. Judging from the hint Lena let slip at the Emmys, we shouldn't expect season 2 to pull any punches where the raunchiness is concerned. “I can't tell you exactly what's going on,” she told HuffPo. “It would be a spoiler alert. It involves sex, sharp objects…” Could this be how Hannah gets Adam back?

2. But at the very least, we know that Rita Wilson, as Marnie‘s equally high-strung mom, will not be stripping down.

3. Guest stars galore! Hannah may have trouble convincing Adam that she's ready for a mature relationship, since the producers cast Shiri Appleby as his ex, a “charming New Yorker” who will obviously look like a much better catch than Hannah. We've also got Community‘s Donald Glover, though his role is unclear. I like the theory I saw in one comment thread that he'll be Elijah‘s new boyfriend, but more likely he's being written in to address the show's lack of diversity. Sigh. And of course, Chris Noth dropped by on the set; I'm still holding out hope that he'll play some caricature of Mr. Big!

4. A new job for Hannah—at least, that's what we assume from the intel that Patrick Wilson will play the studly older doctor who lives next door to where Hannah works. Because I don't imagine he lives next to Cafe Grumpy.

5. Partly because we've encouraged her, Lena Dunham seems to really be upping the emotional ante this season. She jokingly compared the show to Lost in terms of spoilers; when describing Donald Glover's part, she said, “We’re entering sort of Battlestar Galactica territory, and he’s going to be the ship captain.” I'd love to take her seriously and postulate that certain characters on this show are secretly robots, and there are multiples of them. (Can I nominate Charlie for this role? OK, thanks.) Or maybe they'll finally find Earth.

Girls season 2 premiere date January 13th 2013 HBO Lena Dunham Allison Williams Zosia Mamet Jemima Kirke Adam Driver Shiri Appleby Chris Noth Donald Glover

6. Hannah forgets to wear pants to her spiffy new job.

7. Judging from the teaser trailer: Adam tries to develop a foot fetish but can't stomach the smell; everyone sits around tables and laughs, as opposed to awkwardly yelling over journal entries like last year; there's at least one scene in Crown Heights. (That last one is from me, since I know they shot there one night.)

8. A cameo from fun. band member (and Lena's new boyfriend) Jack Antonoff, or at least Hannah and Marnie having a dorky dance party to one of their songs.

9. A shout-out to Emma Watson.

10. Jemima Kirke's pregnancy being really obvious but no one acknowledging it, a la that one season of How I Met Your Mother. That, or they'll go the total opposite direction and have Jessa get knocked up with Thomas John‘s baby.

11. The dramatic irony that Hannah continues to write barely-coherent navel-gazing prose while Lena has a $3.5 million book deal.

12. More unrealistic Brooklyn locations.

Get your DVRs or illegal video sites ready for January 13th!

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