Lena Dunham Disavows Us Of The Idea That It’s ‘Brave’ Of Her To Get Naked Onscreen

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The primary cast of Girls was on The Today Show in the wee hours of the morn to talk to Savannah Guthrie about their soon-to-return show. Most of the questions she asked elicited answers students of Girls have heard many times already: you're not necessarily supposed to like the characters, Lena's not trying to be shocking, etc. But Lena Dunham did take the opportunity to disabuse us of one foolish notion: that it is automatically “brave” of her to show us her imperfect body on camera.

“I imagine all of you have had to conquer any fears,because these are fearless portrayals, has it been hard for you?” asked Savannah, and Alison piped in to say “you're really maybe the bravest person I know” to Lena. To which she replied:

“I always think it's like, brave to step into the mouth of a lion or save a baby…it's not that brave to get naked if you're not stressed about getting naked.”

Do you hear that, people? I know it's easy to assume Lena Dunham is ashamed of her gross, non-Hollywood-tiny body, and that she must screw her courage to the sticking place to take her clothes off on camera, but she is not. She is comfortable with her own flesh, and it's not brave to do something you're not scared of doing. She's said that in pretty much every interview she's ever given, and now she has said it on The Today Show. So maybe it's time to start believing her.

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(Via The Today Show)