Haylie Duff Dresses Up As A Vampire For Halloween

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Sheesh. Vampires really are making quite the comeback! Haylie Duff was a buzz on Twitter recently where she posted a picture of her in her Halloween costume: a vampire outfit.  Haylie Duff Dresses Up As A Vampire For Halloween o0yku jpg

She and her friend, Christin both got dressed up as vamps for a pre-Halloween party and they both looked hot as vampires! I wonder if Nick joined in on the costume fun because apparently, Haylie and friends had quite a happening party.

She wrote on Twitter: “Had such a fun pre halloween party, now I’m ready to stay in and see all the cute trick or treaters tonight!”

Haylie and boyfriend Nick Zano did stay home to give out candy to the kids, however, it didn’t quite go as planned.  Haylie admits, “@nickzano & i stayed home wanting 2 see all the trick or treaters, not realizing we never took our "no solicitors" sign down,live and learn.”

Oh no! Hopefully they’ll remember next time!

Image: Twitpic