Haylie Duff Speaks Out About Haiti Earthquake Disaster

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Celebrities are speaking out about the terrible earthquake disaster that happened in Haiti–expressing Haylie Duff Speaks Out About Haiti Earthquake Disaster 90722M3 DUFF B GR 06 387x590 jpgtheir concerns and trying to rally up help. Star Twitter pages are blowing up with comments and links to disaster relief funds, trying to aid the cause.

Hilary Duff’s sister, Haylie, posted this on her Twitter page:

“My thoughts and care go out to the people in Haiti. What a terrible disaster.”

Hilary Duff fans know that she has donated a lot of her time and money to many different causes and I’m sure she’s just as concerned as Haylie is about this horrible event.

Hilary News urges you to explore legitimate help efforts for Haiti and donate how you deem appropriate. Hopefully the people of Haiti can find relief from this event soon with a world full of love and support.

Image: Bauer-Griffin