Hayden Panettiere rocks with Band from TV

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The Heroes' star Hayden Panettiere took time out from season 3 production to jam a few sessions with fellow Greg Grunberg and his Band From TV. The band performed at the ‘Netflix Live! On Location' at the Autry Nation Center of the American West in Los Angeles last weekend.

Hayden acted as impromptu host for the outdoor concert and she was really having a blast! She was singing, dancing, introducing the band members, and doing it all for charity. Fellow Heroes Greg Grunberg and Adrian Pasdar are bandmembers. Of course Hayden's boyfriend Milo Ventimiglia didn't miss any action with his camera! Milo and Adrian have been tight friends since before Heroes so they do hang out a lot, these guys.

Teri Hatcher and Hayden Panettiere make surprise performances at the Netflix Live on Location concert

Hayden was jamming with Bob Guiney, of The Bachelor fame, and one of the band's vocalist. This YouTube video (after the cut) has more performances of Hayden,and with guests who sang with the band.

Other stars who supported the cause were Jorge Garcia of Lost and Zach Levi of Chuck.

The Red Carpet From The Netflix Live On Location Concert Featuring Band From TV