Hayden Panettiere Channels Her Nashville Character, Almost Steals From Taylor Swift

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I think Hayden Panettiere might be getting confused between art and life, because she seems to be picking up some of the habits of her Nashville character Juliette Barnes. A couple episodes ago, Juliette was caught on an iPhone camera shop-lifting a jar of nail polish from a drugstore, and has been facing backlash from that on the show. But in real life, she has a little more self-control I guess, because in a recent interview with Jimmy Kimmel, Hayden only admitted to almost stealing something — this time a customized guitar pick from Taylor Swift.

How did this situation even come up, you ask? Well let me tell you. Unlike most shows on television right now, Nashville actually films on location, in Tennessee, so Hayden has some pretty high-profile neighbors and friends, including Kelly Clarkson, Miranda Lambert, Kellie Pickler, and Taylor herself. So the other day when she wanted to sit down with her songwriter friend Jessi Alexander, Hayden realized she didn't have her guitar with her. Gasp! She could buy or rent one, but instead I guess it seemed easier to mass-text everyone famous and ask to borrow theirs.

Ultimately Taylor came through, by sending down two security guards and an ‘intense' form for Hayden to fill out, along with the guitar itself, as which point Hayden says:

“I finally realized that there’s this little case for guitar picks in it. I pulled it out, and they are so cool because they have the cover of her album on it. There were like 10 of them, and I kept thinking I wanted to steal one of them. I really wanted one, I was like, ‘She’s not going to notice.’ Then I was like, ‘This is totally a test. She’s totally testing my friendship; she’s going to count the picks!’ So I put it back.”

Um YEAH. Good call. If you happen to be friends enough with Taylor Swift that A. you have her number and B. she lets you borrow her guitar, it's probably best not to test that friendship. Or I mean whatever, do whatever you want. Steal from her, for all I care. I'd love to hear a revenge song about how that dumb cheerleader stole from you and your friendship is never ever ever getting back together.

Don't forget the awkward voice-over section. That's my favorite part.