Hayden Panettiere Jogging with Friend

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Hayden Panettiere is rumored to becoming friends with Linday Lohan’s ex, Harry Morton, when the pair were seen in Malibu last week. So, yesterday, when Hayden went hiking yesterday at Runyon Canyon in Hollywood, some media outfits reported her companion to be Harry Morton.



JustJared says no way that’s the same guy. Rather that’s Hayden’s personal trainer whose name remains unknown. Since I’m not familiar with Harry Morton I can’t be sure this jogging friend is not the same.

What do you think? Check out photos of Hayden and her new friend after the cut, and tell me if you recognize him.

By the way, Hayden looks really fit and healthy, doesn’t she? I like how she takes care of her body but doesn’t get too obsessed about it.





Images: splashnewsonline.com