Notoriously Tiny Hayden Panettiere Is Officially Engaged To World’s Tallest Man

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Hayden Panettiere and her fiance Wladimir Klitschko on vacation in Dubrovnik Croatia July 2013After months of speculation on account of the ginormous diamond she was wearing on her left hand ring finger, Nashville star Hayden Panettiere has finally confirmed that she is, indeed, engaged to her longtime boyfriend Wladimir Klitschko, an Olympic boxer from the Ukraine.

Be as excited as you want in the name of love and fairy tales (which Anna Kournikova and Enrique Iglesias tried to squash for us earlier this morning by breaking up after twelve years together), but this is a minor first-world tragedy for news outlets everywhere. Because you see, every time these two are photographed together — and now that they're engaged, that's gonna happen a lot — we have to find a way to get both of their heads in the same picture. Which can be kind of difficult, considering Hayden, standing proudly at a pocket-sized 5′ ¼”, barely comes up to Wladimir's shoulder, which is firmly attached to his 6′ 6″ body.

Yeah that's right, these two are literally a foot and a half apart. That's crazy. Khloe Kardashian (5'10”) and Lamar Odom (6'10”) are difficult enough to get in the same photo, and they're only a foot a part. Only. But I'm inclined to forgive Hayden and Wladimir all that, based on the fact that the way the engagement was revealed on Live With Kelly And Michael today was so effing hilarious.

Let me say first of all that this is not dialogue I came up with myself. These are real words that were exchanged between Kelly Ripa and Hayden Panettiere, and they are amazing. I wish I could come up with a script this hilarious. Oh and a side note — Hayden came in draped in an enormous live boa constrictor, because she knows Michael Strahan is afraid of snakes and she wanted to freak him out.

Kelly: “I'm sort of distracted, not just by the snake, but there's a very large diamond ring on your ring finger. I'm not sure if you want to announce anything…Does that signify anything? Is that a promise of something?”

I love this so much. Play to the top of your intelligence, Kelly. Your hemming and hawing as if you're bamboozled by this custom is cracking me up. “Is that a promise of something to come? Like maybe a party? Where you'd wear a white dress? I'm not familiar.” You know the meaning of a diamond on a hand, ya weirdo.

Hayden: “It might be … I mean, I think it speaks for itself.”

Yup. You're right. It absolutely does.

Kelly: “Are you engaged?”

Hayden: “I am.”

My goodness, Kelly, what a lucky guess.

Hayden, 24, and Wladimir, 37, first met at a book party in 2009, and dated until May 2011, when they broke up due to distance issues. They resumed their relationship in April 2013 and confirmed their engagement…just now. And in case you're interested, here are a bunch of other celebrities you might have forgotten are engaged!

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