Have Your Feelings About Bethenny Frankel Changed Since She Got Her Own Show?

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Various sources have been reporting that Bethenny Frankel is demanding that her show Bethenny Ever After be re-edited to show her in a more favorable light. Arguably the breakout star of  Real Housewives of New York City, her solo spinoff, Bethenny Getting Married?, was extremely successful, and Bethenny garnered even more popularity. However, this season of Bethenny Ever After presents another side of her. The first episode featured Bethenny, obviously stressed out and on edge, talking smack about her father-in-law being cheap and drilling it into her in-laws' heads that they will not be a part of everything in her daughter Bryn's life. Subsequent episodes have shown Bethenny nitpicking husband Jason Hoppy and being loud and a little self-absorbed, which were personality traits that she hated in her ex-best friend, Jill Zarin.

Recently, Bethenny gave an interview to Hollywood Life, in which she said she knew that she would get her own reality show even before she was picked for Real Housewives of New York City. When Jill told Bethenny about the show, and insisted that she join, Bethenny saw it as a perfect opportunity to eventually get her own show. This interview was maybe not the best PR move she could have made, as Jill has been alleging that Bethenny befriended her only for the cameras and to get her own show, an allegation that Bethenny steadfastly denied on a recent Watch What Happens Live episode. Bethenny also said that when she found out she was getting her own spin-off, none of her former Real Housewives of New York City congratulated her, including Ramona Singer and Alex McCord, who were staunchly defensive of her in season three and were featured in episodes of Bethenny Getting Married?

Bethenny also told Hollywood Life, “Bravo is very much a network that is known for and relishes big drama, diamonds, glam, money and luxury… I was not that. I had no money, I lived in 700 square-foot apartment. I had no idea what was going on in my life emotionally or career-wise. I separated in the sense that I wasn’t going to pretend I was somebody I wasn’t. I had to separate from the pack and be truthful.”

The fact that Bethenny is allegedly demanding the shows be re-edited (which, it must be said, she has neither acknowlegded nor confirmed or denied) is a tad hypocritical, as she has famously insisted that she is the same person on camera and off, and has berated her co-stars' claims of receiving a “bad edit.” She also always says, “Own it.” I also think that Bethenny should watch her tongue and remember where she came from. How can she criticize the Real Housewives franchise for glorifying drama when she was almost always at the center of the show's drama? It's not a good idea to sneer at the entire Real Housewives franchise; she now has her own reality show by the same network, and I'm sure the producers are none-too-pleased with Bethenny thumbing her nose at the show that made her a star. She needs to remember who her friends are and where she came from. As for Bethenny Ever After, I definitely think it's true that you are bound to get annoyed by watching someone for an hour-long episode, as opposed to sharing an episode with five other co-stars. Clearly, no one is perfect, and the cameras are bound to catch you in an unfortunate moment. Still, maybe Bethenny should remember that her husband, in-laws, and employees are watching everything she says. I still like her and enjoy the show, but I think that Bethenny needs to remember that she is not invincible and that her viewers and the Bravo network are not going to love her unconditionally.


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