Finally Hart Of Dixie Gives Lavon Hayes A Love Interest I Like

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Hart of Dixie has always been a guilty pleasure show for me. I watched the entire last season hoping that Zoe Hart (Rachel Bilson) would finally make her choice between George Tucker (Scott Porter) and Wade Kinsella (Wilson Bethel). But I decided to shift my focus during last night’s season premiere knowing that this is this is a decision that won’t be made any time soon.

Luckily for me that wasn’t too hard. You see last night one of my favorite character’s small town mayor, Lavon Hayes (Cress Williams), had a blast from the past in the form of his high school sweetheart. As I watched him stumble over his words when she walked into his life, I knew there was a good story there. Ruby (Golden Brooks) is a strong independent woman who has turned herself into a very successful businesswoman. She’s in town visiting family when she runs into Lavon.

There’s clearly tension between them, and later on in the episode she reveals that their relationship was pretty hot and heavy in high school. But when he left their hometown behind to play college football, he stopped returning her calls. She rehashes the past with him in an almost playful way and she seems to enjoy how uncomfortable it makes him. The feminist in me is glad she called him out on the bullshit he pulled in the past. But the hopeless romantic in me swooned when he apologized.

I know, I know it’s bad but he’s such a sweetheart now. He’d never do that again! Never fear though because even though I’m easily won over by Lavon, I highly doubt Ruby will let him off so easily. Which is precisely why I’m rooting for this relationship. We haven’t ever seen him in a real relationship on the show. Sure he’s dated some people. And then there are the flashbacks of his sordid past with the prim and proper southern belle Lemon Breeland (Jaime King), my least favorite character on the show. But I think it’s about time we move past that.

For me, Ruby seems like the perfect way for the show to do just that. I like that they’ve finally brought on a strong southern belle. She doesn’t seem to care what anyone thinks, and she definitely enjoys pushing people’s buttons.

So I’m going to keep my fingers crossed that she sticks around, and that she can sort out her issues with Lavon of course!