All Signs Point To Harry Styles’ Next Fakelationship Being With Zach Braff

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Harry Styles arriving at his hotel in London December 2013Before you read this post, I need you to promise me two things. One is that you don't fly off the handle immediately when you hear that someone is making moves on your future boyfriend Harry Styles. But the second is that you don't tell Kendall Jenner the same thing, because if she activates the Kris Jenner revenge network, we're truly all doomed.

So can you promise me those two things? I'll assume you can, because I'm just bursting with gossip, over here — there's a blossoming bromance/fakelationship/whatever it is, between Harry and Zach Braff! The two of them ran into each other at the Sundance Film Festival recently, and jumped from casual first-date-watching-the-same-movie-separately to talk of spooning and tearing up, so things are moving pretty quickly.

I KNOW YOU GUYS. I can't believe how serious this is getting. And by the way, the movie that Harry's talking about is Wish I Was Herewhich if you contributed to Zach's Kickstarter campaign last year, you own a tiny part of. Unless you contributed the whole $3 million, in which case you own a big ‘ol part of it.

But regardless, you should be very proud, because that movie you bought for Zach 1. was purchased by Focus Features for $2.75 million, 2. made Harry Styles sweat out his eyeholes, and 3. created a glorious new bromance for the ages. Give yourselves a pat on the back.

(Photo: Pacific Coast News)