Harry Styles Thinks Twerking Is ‘Quite Inappropriate’ Because He’s So Adorably British And Also Totally Right

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One Direction at the One Direction This is Us New York premiere August 2013

Well, a week later and Miley's horrifying eyesore of a performance still has tongues wagging (especially hers), so we might as well keep talking about it if Harry Styles is still talking about it, right?  Right.  Recently asked about his thoughts on the Twerking Phenomenon of 2013 (as it shall henceforth be known), Harry said:

“I think it’s quite inappropriate. Especially for the age groups it’s aimed at.  I think it’s, you know, promoting promiscuity.”

All of the guys in One Direction then went on to confirm that they worry about the young age of their fans, especially “when they're twerking.” (Yes, we know Harry was jokingly twerking at the Kid's Choice Awards.) Now, I don't mean for this to get into a serious discussion on the psychological effects of ass-dancing in young children, but these guys are totally right.  It's not funny, it's not cute, and it's totally something a “cool mom” would think is totally okay for their pre-teens to be doing (I've seen this happen with my own two eyes, no joke).  Because if it's just kids being silly, it's okay for them to be sexual! Ugh.

On a related note, I'm so over privileged, young white girls using their idea of black culture as a prop for their own entertainment. Whether it's twerking, using the word “ratchet” when trying to be bitchy or funny, etc., the fact that it's rapidly spreading to teens and pre-teens as something that's okay to do because it's “funny” or “cool” makes me more than a little sick.  It's ridiculous.

Anyway, the bigger picture here is that a popular boy band with an insanely large fan base addressed–in their own way–the hyper-sexualization of their young, female fans. Maybe Harry Styles didn't mean to, maybe he was just put on the spot with a few questions and answered them as best he could in a lighthearted way without throwing Miley under the bus.  But kudos to him and the rest of the guys for being so mature and genuine.

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