Harry Styles Wrote A Song That People Are Saying Is About Taylor Swift, So It’s On Now

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Harry Styles promoting The 1Derland This Is Us in Japan November 2013

Really solid job with all your rain dances this year you guys, because it's looking like we all got what we've been praying for — Harry Styles and Taylor Swift getting back together. I know personally I've been asking for that with my nightly catechism for months now, pleading with the sweet lord of pop culture in the sky to give us more be-sweatered photos at the Central Park Zoo with hand-holding, matching scarfs, and all. VIVA LA HAYLOR.

And if those rumors weren't enough to get your heart going all pitter pattery just in time for the holidays, some people are saying that Harry turned the tables around on old Taylor and wrote a song about her this time. TWIST. But not a super surprising one, when you really think about it, considering that Harry has said he wouldn't mind if Taylor wrote a song about him. (Ummmm good, because she did. She's said she wrote ‘I Knew You Were Trouble' about your breakup before you actually broke up.)

I guess he feels like relationships fakelationships are pretty much up for grabs in the songwriting department, because according to Hollywood Life, he co-wrote a song on the upcoming One Direction album ‘Midnight Memories' called ‘Something Great'. And when the whole album leaked earlier this week, people noticed that it contained some lyrics that could easily apply to Haylor, may they rest in peace.

I want you here with me
Like how I pictured it
So I don’t have to keep imagining

Come on, jump out at me
Come on, bring everything
Is it too much to ask for something great?

You’re all I want
So much it’s hurting
You’re all I want
So much it’s hurting

Did you catch that? It was ANOTHER TWIST, and one you probably weren't ready for this time — the song is actually complimentary about Taylor. Yet more proof that Harry wants to get back together with her. Next you'll be telling me that he sent Meredith a catnip-themed Edible Arrangement.

(Photo: Kento Nara / Future Image / WENN.com)