Let These Photos Of Harry Styles At His Sister’s Graduation Be Your Morning Dose Of Adorable

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Harry Styles of One Direction attended his big sister's graduation yesterday, which really messes with my brain a little bit. It sounds weird, but I always forget that celebrities have families. Well, unless their family is very famous. I know, that's a crazy thing to forget. Celebrities are people too. But I guess I just imagine their origin stories as being a little more mythic. Like they were carved from marble and then brought to life by a magic spell. Or maybe they grew out of the ground like a Cabbage Patch Kid. But despite my strange assumptions about where celebrities come from, most of them come from families just like yours or mine (except for Ryan Seacrest, who's very obviously a robot).

But when I do realize that celebrities have siblings and family members in general, I love to see them cheering them on during important life events. I also love to see Harry Styles doing things in general. It doesn't really matter what he's doing. I just like to see him do stuff. So obviously I love reading about how he supported his 22-year-old sister Gemma Styles as she graduated from Sheffield Hallam University with a first class honors degree in Science Education with QTS. Harry shared the above photo on his Instagram, captioning it “My sister graduated today. She's all clever and that.” Wow, the part of my brain that processes adorable things is really getting a workout this morning.

Even Gemma's school couldn't resist sharing her brother's presence on Twitter, posting this pic of Harry grinning from the audience next to his mom Anne Twist.

Harry Styles sister's graduation November 2013

Harry better be more careful about attending important events in his family's life. He was already the best man at his mom's wedding this summer. Now that prom season is over, we're going to start getting desperate video invitations from fans who want Harry to attend their family's wedding or their graduation or their birthday party or their weekend spent binge-watching a show on Netflix and eating an entire box of crackers. Oh, that last one is just me? Well then I won't have a lot of competition, will I?

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