That’s Gotta Hurt: Harry Styles Gets Back At Taylor Swift By Saying Her Name At A Concert

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Harry Styles February 20 2013In a move that will be overanalyzed all day by people too old to care, Harry Styles struck back at his ex-girlfriendish Taylor Swift  by saying her name aloud during a One Direction concert. Yep, he just said it. Right in the middle of singing “Little Things”, he just blurts out Taylor Swift's name, as if it's part of the song.

At first this move baffled me. It's not only unorthodox, but it does't come close to her stagevenge at the 2013 Grammys when she clearly made a jab at them getting back together. If he's going to go down this route, he might as well go all the way. The only thing sadder than openly making fun of your ex, is to openly make fun of them badly.

Then it hit me. Harry Potter. Voldemort. The power of a name. Hello! Harry Styles is British. It's undeniable that he grew up being surrounded by wizard folklore. He obviously knows that by not saying someone's name, he's only allowing that someone to grow more powerful — as well as more vindictive. By saying her name during a concert, he let her know that he's not scared of her and that she can't hurt him anymore. He's taking charge of their not-a-relationship and reminding her that two can play this game.

The question is what will Taylor Swift do next. Murder his parents? Turn Niall Horan into a horcrux? Release all the dementors she keeps in her antique armoire for situations just like this? I don't know. As far as I understand, none of her ex-boyfriends have ever challenged her back before like this. We're swimming in unprecedented waters here and there's not telling what will happen next. Well besides the obvious fact that all hell is about to break loose.

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