Harry Styles Is So Pissed At Zayn And Louis For That Video That It Might Break Up 1D

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Harry Styles raising his eyes GIF popped collarWhen I first saw the video that One Direction member Louis Tomlinson took of his band mate Zayn Malik smoking weed, it somehow didn't occur to me that any of the rest of the lads might not be thrilled about it. But apparently Harry Styles in particular is so pissed at his bandmates that he won't even fly on the same jet as them, and what we're seeing right now could be the early signs of a breakup.

After all, one of the most appealing parts of 1D is watching the guys interact, because they seem like such a great group of people who genuinely enjoy hanging out with each other. Friends, basically. Really famous friends who you pay money to watch sing and rib each other onstage. Nice work if you can get it.

But all that changed with this video, with Harry calling Louis and Zayn's behavior ‘reckless and stupid' according to The Daily Mail. Apparently he's worried that their actions could jeopardize 1D‘s upcoming tour, with thirty-nine stops across the United States, and with good reason. Not only could Zayn and Louis be banned from the US by immigration authorities for their documented drug use, but even if they get through, they've already upset the fans. After seeing the video, many took to Twitter to voice their disappointment, some posting footage of themselves burning or otherwise destroying their concert tickets. Yikes.

It's apparently gotten to the point where Harry won't even fly on the same jet as Zayn, as his smoking bothers him. It'll be Harry, Niall Horan, and Liam Payne on one plane, and Zayn and Louis on the other. It could be just a spat, but it's also the kind of divide that can easily destroy a band. More established bands than One Direction have been taken out by far less.

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