Harry Styles’ Gift To Taylor Swift Of 23 Cupcakes Arouses Further Suspicion Their Relationship Is Fake

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The Z100's All Access Lounge party in New York City

Yesterday, EIC Jenni Maier made a convincing case as to why Taylor Swift and Harry Styles‘ relationship is even faker than Robsten's. And today, on the occasion of TaySwift's 23rd birthday, comes yet more evidence that “Haylor” is nothing more than a series of hollow gestures carefully orchestrated for the press to cover.

According to The Warrington Guardian, Harry Styles bought Taylor Swift 23 cupcakes to commemorate her 23rd birthday, because what 90 lb pop star doesn't want to eat 23 cupcakes in one sitting?

Matt and wife Kelly, who run the [Custom Cupcake] company together from their Montgomery Close home, said the cakes were a selection of 12 flavours including ones filled with candy floss and a mint liqueur centre.

Candy floss filling? Mint liqueur center?? That all sounds disgusting! If Taylor Swift actually ate these cupcakes, I will eat my shoe.

While it's possible that Harry showed up to TaySwift's party bearing enough cupcakes for her 23 guests, that's not what it says. When you bring your girlfriend birthday cupcakes for real, you bring her just a few in edible flavors like chocolate or strawberry. Much like the Dirty Dancing lift, this seems less like something people who are actually banging would do, and more like something Haylor's tween fans imagine the perfect boyfriend would do, were they old enough to date.

TL;DR: Fake, fake, fake. Tune in next week, when Harry proposes to Taylor in Paris while riding a horse and wearing a Prince Charming costume.

(Via The Warrington Guardian)

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