Harry Styles Talks About His Penis, In Related News The Police Will Probably Arrest Me For Stringing Those 6 Words Together

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I knew today would be a special day when I woke up. I could just tell by the way my homemade Harry Styles doll stared in my eyes when my alarm went off. And the way my new One Direction tattoo glistened in the flourescent lights of the bathroom. The ink from Zayn Malik's eyes shined so brilliantly that I couldn't help think to myself, “THIS is what makes you beautiful.”

So based on the magic of this very morning, I'm not surprised to discover that Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan shared some fun facts about their respective gentials during a radio interview this morning on 93.3 FLZ.

Sometimes a girl gets lucky and other times she wins the celebrity quotes lottery. (And in more common times she goes into the bathroom and sees a full piece of spinach between her front teeth and is like really? No one told me!?)

The lucky journalists at Hollywood Life transcribed the radio interview with their hearts and report the following went down:

During an interview with 93.3 FLZ, Louis admitted, “I always sleep naked.”

We already know the boys love to take their shirts off, but according to Niall, being naked is “so much better…”

Louis added, “So much easier.”

Harry further joked, “Let it alllllll hang out you know?”

“I did it last night,” Niall confessed!

Louis went into more detail, explaining why it’s important to go to bed without your underwear. He said, “It’s been in your boxers all day, restricted, it needs time to breathe.”

Charming, as always. Also, sexually liberated as always. I can't remember one time when JC Chasez talked about his penis preferences. Nor do I recall Drew Lachey every saying, “let it all hang out during an interview.” Just goes to show you that when you have a British accent and a tween army of 46.9 billion girls, you can say whatever you want.

Maybe 5ive would be more than just a fun pop culture reference to randomly throw into posts if they had chosen to talk more about their penis breathing habits.

My next career prediction for these talkative boys?

Erectile dysfunction commercial spokesmen within the next 5 years.

(Photo: Will Alexander/WENN.com)