‘Harry Styles Is A Bonking Machine,’ And It Must Be True Because A Real Politician Said It

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Doesn’t everyone just love One Direction, and have at least one piece of One Direction trivia knowledge in their head? I always thought so, and now that even British political leaders are casually discussing the boy band and a certain member’s lifestyle choices, I have solid proof.

It seems that Ed Miliband, Leader of Britain’s Labour Party, is not only familiar with One Direction, but also familiar with the sexual prowess of member Harry Styles. It has been reported that after spotting a One Direction calendar on the wall near his secretary’s desk, Ed Miliband pointed to Harry Styles, and remarked, “This guys a bonking machine.” I guess he knows about the Caroline Flack thing. I like to imagine he looked like this when he said it:


 (Super intense-like, ‘cause bonking is a serious matter.)


For me, this “bonking” comment proves a couple of things:


Ed Miliband's secretary is a One Direction fan.


Ed Miliband is a One Direction fan, and Harry Styles is his favorite member.


Ed Miliband is just as wrapped up in popular culture as his constituents’ teenaged daughters are. He’s obviously a man of the people.


Harry Styles IS a bonking machine:


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