Harry Styles Runs From The Bathroom To Accept 1D’s Award, Because Even Dreamboats Need To Pee

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Harry Styles having a wee BRIT awards 2014

It's becoming increasingly clear that One Direction wasn't actually created on The X Factor but rather in a witch's brew specifically formulated to make women swoon over literally anything they do. That includes being late to accept an award because they were “having a wee,” just like Harry Styles did at the BRIT Awards last night. Never before has the body's need to urinate been so dreamy to me. It's a true gift.

A little context would be helpful, I suppose. Last night One Direction won the Global Success award at the 2014 BRIT Awards. A quick head count as the band reached the stage revealed that only four of them were there. One of them was missing! Zayn Malik was there in a little scarf, Niall Horan was hobbling along on crutches after his knee surgery, Louis Tomlinson was there rocking the Ellen DeGeneres suit-and-T-shirt look, and of course Liam Payne was there to be the “daddy” of the group and inquire about where Harry “the curly-headed one” Styles was.

Cue Harry rushing onto the stage, taking one of those precious little bows he takes sometimes, and using the word “wee” to explain away his absence. Fortunately it doesn't look like he got any TP on his shoe. What's especially swoon-worthy is that he presumably weed in an actual toilet, and not in a mop bucket or anything. And because that just wasn't adorable enough, he also looks to his bandmates to let him know what the hell award they just won. They win so many that it's probably hard to keep track. His pals of course whisper some instructions to help him out, and he pulls a gracious speech out of his hat. If you're not satisfied with my flawless account of events, I suppose you can watch it all play out in the video below.

(GIF: Tumblr)