Harry Styles Was In A Naked Headlock For Ten Minutes, But How Was Your Weekend?

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Harry Styles Was In A Naked Headlock For Ten Minutes  But How Was Your Weekend  Harry Styles in Mexico Instagram photo July 2013 jpgWhile you were meeting your boyfriend’s parents over brunch or taking off your heels at a club or (more likely) watching Netflix all day Saturday in your underwear like I was, Harry Styles was spending his time somewhat differently. You guys had really similar weekends, except that Harry spent ten minutes of his in a naked headlock.

No big deal, right? We’ve all been there. We’re goofing off with our One Direction tour manager Paul, and we decide to get naked and rub our parts on him. All normal so far. But then it turns out he’s a better wrestler than we thought, so we’re stuck airing it out for ten minutes as punishment for our impish ways. Here’s the story Harry told to The Daily Mail:

“We do have a really good laugh if we’re in a stupid mood. Once we jokingly decided to attack Paul, our tour manager. I was naked and thought it would be a quick fight but it took forever so I was stuck in a naked headlock for about ten minutes.”

Aside from the nudity, which in itself is not enticing to me — strangely, I want nothing to do with the flopping peen of a nineteen-year old pile of squirming gangle — doesn’t it sound like it would be a complete blast to be on this tour? I’m a member of that secret class of people who guiltily crept off to see This Is Us the weekend it came out, and it just seems like they have so much fun together. Pranks are already my favorite, and I just love that the tour manager and all the lads’ security get in on it too instead of brushing it off or trying to make them behave.

I just wanna be your friend, fellas! I love pranks! Put me in the game, coach!

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