Harry Styles Makes A Miley Cyrus VMAs Joke That Involves His Grandma, Cue The ‘Awwws’

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While doing red carpet interviews at the This Is Us premiere, the boys of One Direction got asked about their opinions on Miley Cyrus‘ PTSD-inducing performance at the VMAs. And even though there's really only one legitimate answer (and that would be “Aaahh! Real Monsters!”), Harry Styles went against the grain and said that he found it boring. No more than boring, vanilla. In fact he said it's something that he would feel totally comfortable watching it with his grandma.

First they'd warm up with an episode of Girlsthen maybe a few risque scenes from Game of Thrones and finally Miley's performance. “See grandmama,” he would say to her as her eyes gently fluttered and closed, “I told you that twerking's even more boring than having to listen to all us grandkids talk about the Facebook at dinner.”

Even though I still think Miley Cyrus easily won the post-VMAs headlines game, One Direction's definitely taking home the second place trophy this year. After Taylor Swift so maturely dissed Harry Styles on stage on Sunday, he could've easily said something just as immature back to her. But instead One Direction made light of the whole situation with their “hashtag get over it” joke and let it go.

Throw this lighthearted Miley Cyrus joke into the mix and you're looking at a group of boys who know not to take anything too seriously. Considering they're living in a make-believe world where everyone takes themselves too seriously, it's refreshing to see that they're not falling into that trap. They genuinely seem to be having fun with their fame and their music and their fans. Even geriatric fans like myself who are far too old to know as much about them as I do. 

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