Harry Styles And Louis Tomlinson Apparently Feuding Over Who Is Cuter Music Stuff

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One Direction attending NRJ Music Festival in Paris, France December 2013I need everybody to put on their lucky pair of underwear and start doing a wishing rain dance, because apparently there's trouble in One DirectionIt was only a matter of time, I guess, because these are five dudes around each other nonstop, with mountains of money pouring in for every additional moment that they don't completely implode…and that is a lot of pressure to put millionaires under.

And according to Star, two of them have now cracked under said pressure — Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson, who are apparently feuding over who is the cutest which direction their music should go. Because how could you fight over which of the two of them is cuter? It's clear Harry. Harry in a heartbeat. But anyway, according to their source, Harry wants to take the band in a totally different direction for 1D‘s fourth album, focusing way more on rock and rejecting the pop image that has made them famous up to this point.

“The problem is the rest of the band fear if Harry starts changing their style, he’s going to take over the whole thing. They all have different ideas on what direction they want to take musically, and they’re becoming more and more vocal about it.”

YOU GUYS NO. We can't do this! The name of the band is One Direction! There can be only one direction!

“Niall [Horan] and Louis especially are worried about turning their backs on a pop sound and changing a winning formula. The fear is that if Harry doesn’t get his way he could end up walking out and going solo.”

Um yeah, we've heard that rumor too! So let's give the kid exactly what he wants to that One Direction can go on existing forever and ever and there will never have to be any sadness in the universe, okay? Or we can just start believing the denials that are being issued by other bandmates, like Liam Payne, who tweeted:

Did you hear that? Daddy Direction says go to your room, boys, or he's gonna turn this car around.

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