Celebrity Lookalikes: Arrested Development’s Puppet Franklin Bluth And Harry Styles

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Today, I learned a miraculous thing. All this time that we've been writing about Harry Styles, I kept thinking that he reminded me of someone. At first I figured that he must bring to mind some Backstreet Boys or ‘NSYNC member, because like it or not, there is a formula to these boys' looks. But no, the resemblance doesn't stretch back that far. It was something to do with the hair and the wicked little grin, I decided—but was it Justin Bieber I saw, or a young Hugh Grant, or even a Muppet?

And then, it came to me:

Harry Styles Franklin Delano Bluth Arrested Development puppet lookalikes

Harry Styles undeniably reminds me of Franklin Delano Bluth, Gob's uncensored black puppet friend on Arrested Development. Not that I'm saying Harry looks black, because Franklin's ultimate fate is to get caught in the dryer and “whitewashed.” So, it's not about race. It's about that hair and the twinkle in his eyes.

Now, I can't take credit for this discovery. I found it through Pleated-Jeans, on their list of funny Tumblr coincidences. Someone's dashboard happened to upload a photo of Franklin right on top of a pic of Harry, and history was made. How I made it through the world before this is beyond me. Happy weekend!

Photos: The A.V. Club and WENN.com