Someone Impersonated Eminem’s Daughter On Twitter, Attacked Taylor Swift And Disappeared

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Get the Boxcar Children, Sherlock Holmes and Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen on the phone. We have a Hollywood mystery on our hands that has so many scandalous elements that I'm pretty Lifetime's already producing the movie.

Yesterday we learned that Hailie Mathers, daughter of the European trained classical violinist Eminem, violently attacked Taylor Swift on Twitter for dating Harry Styles. I mentally clapped with glee that this precocious 17-year-old child of a musical artist banned  from my house for wildly inappropriate lyrics felt brave enough to say what needed to be said.

Our best friends over at Buzzfeed captured all the tweets before they got deleted and man oh man, are they juicy. Apparently the gist of the Twitter attack involves the (obvious) fact that Harry Styles is the love of Hailie's life — and therefore meant to be with her and not  Taylor Swift. Also Taylor Swift is a whore. Those are Hailie's words not mine.

Then twist!

Despite reports circulating that Shady's spawn went off on the country pop songbird by allegedly telling her to “please stop whoring around,” a rep for Eminem tells E! News the Twitter account from which the incendiary comment came is not hers.

By the time this rep came forward, the Twitter account was deleted, gone, missing — leaving nothing but  a trail of questions in its wake. Who not only impersonated Hailie Mathers, but also impersonated her as a lovesick teenager who will stop at nothing to stop Taylor Swift from stealing what's rightfully hers?

What kind of sick monster would do this?

I would normally say myself, because impersonating obscure celebrity children on Twitter as a means of attacking celebrities is usually my thing. But it wasn't me. Not this time.

So that only leaves one person.

Kate Middleton.

To be continued…

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