Harry Styles Bravely Steps Out After Break-Up, Goes Topless In A Hot Tub

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Harry Styles Hermione Way

Just days after breaking up with Taylor Swift, Harry Styles got photographed in a hot tub full of young people on Necker Island. Young people who happen to include Bravo reality star-ish Hermione Way and rich person Richard Branson. You know, just your standard hot tub of people: one tween heartthrob, one reality star, one billionaire and one guy who looks like he owns a lot of puka shell necklaces. Already rumors are running amuck that Harry Styles is dating Hermione Way. But that's only because no one can identify the other blonde woman in the photo.

While I never finished my medical school training, I feel comfortable saying that all these young people look strangely carefree for a group of people in the presence of an emotional train wreck. Sure Harry Styles smiled in these photos, but there's no way he's okay right now. Especially now that we're hearing rumors that Taylor Swift's not only keeping her new English country home, but also Niall Horan.

I can't even begin to imagine what kind of waterproof make-up he used to cover up his tear-stained cheeks and red, puffy eyes. Nor can I guess which one of these people serves as his confidante, his shoulder to cry on, his live-in therapist. But it has to be one of them. There's no way he recovered from his romance so fast. Not after they spent two whole months staging illicit hotel sleepovers together!

I'm certainly no romantic, but I could never fathom going to the zoo with someone one month and then going to a billionaire's private island the next month like the zoo trip never happened. But unlike One Direction's Harry Styles, I'm an ordinary person. I work through my break-ups by channeling my inner Julia Roberts and embarking on a trip that teaches me how to eat, pray and love. Last time that entire experience happened to take place during a breakfast at IHOP. But sometimes it takes me around the world.

I suppose we can't all be as brave as him though. We can't all take off our shirts and slip into a hot tub and let our troubles float away during a wild weekend on Necker Island.

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