Man-Child Harry Styles Opens Up About Which One Of His Band Members He Would Date

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You know how I know things are getting better?

During a recent interview with TOTP Magazine, Harry Styles answers a question about which one of his One Direction boy band members he would want to date by saying, “I think I'd go out with Liam because he's a genuine, kind-hearted boy. Someone being genuine is really important to me. I think if you were his girlfriend, he would treat you really well.”

It's an absolutely lovely answer that's not at all tainted by any kind of “no homo but” language. Sure it might hurt the feelings of Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson, and Niall Horan not to be considered by Harry, but they all have enough admirers that they should be able to move on. Some of them must have hair as nice as Harry's Hair.

I think if you'd asked one of the members of *NSYNC this question 15 years ago, they'd refuse to answer it for fear of someone starting gay rumors. Now famous male celebrities can answers these types of questions without having to worry about being ridiculed by their teenage fan base (I unfortunately can't speak for adults. We're moving a little slower than the kids when it comes to acceptance).

Maybe I'm forgetting some great episode of TRL, but I'm pretty sure that “which of your band mates would you most want to date” questions wouldn't even be brainstormed in a preliminary meeting for an interview

So good job Harry Styles! You once again reminded me why I'm in love with a man-child who lacks any sign of facial hair. You just keep being you!

(Photo: Optic Photos, PacificCoastNews.com)