Harry Styles Helps A Hurt Fan In A Video That Will Help You Understand Thanksgiving

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Harry StylesDoes Thanksgiving have a mascot? Like the same way that Christmas has Santa Claus? Don't say the turkey, because you can't have the mascot be the thing that you eat for the holiday. We don't slice a rump roast off of Santa during the holidays, do we? No. We don't. So I think the mascot position is still open, unless I'm very much mistaken.

And since that's the case, I think we should offer the position to Harry Styles, who just did the most adorable thing ever by stopping to take care of a hurt fan who was crying in the street outside the Saint Laurent Paris shop in New York yesterday. Granted, she got hurt in the first place kind of because of him, since wherever he goes, an insane crush of people follows, and she got swept up in that and knocked down, twisting her ankle.

And a lot of people — and celebrities, especially — would've demanded to be whisked away by their bodyguards immediately, since that didn't seem to be the safest or most controlled situation. But that's not Harry's style (A JOKE I HAVE MADE A JOKE), and I love him for it. He waded through the crowd to find the girl, took time to stand her up and make sure she was okay, and even gave her a hug before going on his way.

Adorable, no? Isn't he just the best? He's the best. A regular Jennifer Lawrence or Beyonce in training, bringing us the spirit of Thanksgiving on its very eve. The only thing I worry about is other girls trying to do the same thing and get an injury to snag Harry's attention. So let's all promise each other that we're definitely not going to do that. Not at all. And someone clean up all these banana peels and whipped cream pies that I left lying around. Somebody could put their eye out. Ahem.

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