Harry Styles Has A Crush On Nina Dobrev — Weird Pronunciation Of My Name, But Okay

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Harry Styles promoting This Is Us August 2013Someone needs to help me, you guys. With every passing day, I get more infatuated with One Direction, and if we keep accelerating at this same rate, I worry I might have to quit my job soon and start following them around on tour. Which could potentially have devastating effects on my career / bank account / self respect / personal relationships. I'm not saying it will, I'm saying it COULD.

But the newest thing testing my resolve is this adorable interview from the lads promoting their movie This Is Us, which comes out in theaters today. I of course haven't seen it yet, because my doctor says I have to get my heart rate down to a safer range before I put myself in that situation. Also, no one will go with me. So for those reasons, I have to satisfy myself with interviews about it, and this particular one is really clutch.

It has all five guys, which is crucial, and 1D trivia questions which they answer by writing on big notepads, which New York Live then cleverly obscures by putting their information tab right over the top of them. Really ingenious planning on their part. BUT! Some of the questions are about dating and crushes and cougars and — you know what? I'll just let you watch for yourself.

Harry Styles apparently has a crush on Nina Dobrev, who stars on The Vampire Diaries and is newly single from dating Ian Somerhalder, while Niall Horan is more interested in Kate Beckinsale…who's forty, aka twenty-one years older than Niall. Weird as that is, all it does is get me hopeful that I'm not too old for Harry. Which…I really shouldn't have been questioning in the first place, considering he's dated multiple women in their thirties, but you can't blame an almost-twenty-six-year-old for stressing.

Bonus: the guys wouldn't call anybody out, but I'm guessing Harry is also the owner of the ‘worst tattoo' they were talking about. After all, he's been pretty open about regretting some of his, lately. But you know what I bet you wouldn't regret, Harry? A tattoo of my face right on your butt. Do it. I dare you.