Harry Styles Didn’t Even Wait To Confirm He’s Dating Kendall Before Cheating On Her

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Harry Styles Didn t Even Wait To Confirm He s Dating Kendall Before Cheating On Her Harry Styles arriving at film premiere December 2013 jpgI don’t know if the rest of your normals have noticed this, but celebrities move at a much faster pace than us. They’re very busy and important, so they cram whole relationships and marriages and divorces into segments of time that you or I would probably dedicate to selecting an item off the brunch menu. (That typically takes about three years, right?)

Which is why I’m not surprised to hear that Harry Styles has apparently been cheating on Kendall Jenner. I’m tempted to say ‘already’, since it’s been less than a month of them even being seen around together, but that’s just my average person bias talking. If I had my way, we’d all have to publicly confirm our relationships before we were eligible to end them, and where would the celebrity world be then??

No no, it’s much better that couples like Hendall move at a breakneck pace; otherwise they’ll never be ready to get married after three months of knowing each other like Khloe Kardahian and Lamar Odom, or to get divorced after only seventy-two days like Kim Kardashian. There’s a very important familial precedent to adhere to.

So it’s not great, but also not surprising that while their fakelationship has been heavily documented but not confirmed, Harry is rumored to have taken a model named Kara Rose Marshall to lunch this past Tuesday after taking his dearest darlingest Kendall to a gay bar mere hours before, on Monday night. Hendall has been PR dating for three whole weeks, so an infidelity was all too overdue, sadly.

Let’s all sit tight and reconvene for their fateful first public kiss at the stroke of midnight on New Years Eve, followed by their inevitable breakup so that they can both see speed-date other people. Anyone else have deja vu?

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