Harry Styles Asks A Fan To Leave Her Groom, She Turns Him Down For Some Reason

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Harry Styles wedding video June 2014

Do you hear that high-pitched, ear-shattering sound in the distance? That's the simultaneous jealous scream of fangirls everywhere, inspired by a new video of One Direction singer Harry Styles asking a fan to leave her husband-to-be and be with him instead. The correct ending to this story, according to every fan fiction ever, involves the bride taking Harry up on his offer and running away with him. However, for reasons no one can figure out, she turned him down. Maybe she's just insane, or maybe she actually “loves” her husband. Weird.

The video was apparently for Tash Gershfield, as arranged by her now-husband James. According to Tash's post on Instagram, Harry's message was played at her wedding. The video involves him telling her “it's not to late,” and giving her a place to meet him if she wants to make a last-minute exchange. And yet it appears Tash turned him down. Cue worldwide “Really?!” Come on, let's be real here. One does not simply turn down Harry Styles' request for you to leave your husband on your wedding day.

The correct response to this video is kicking off your shoes, hiking up your dress and busting ass out of the venue until you find him. Actually, if I were her, I'd contact Harry first and get him to pull a Graduate and bang on the church windows shouting “ELAINE! ELAINE!” while everyone looks on in shock. Or he could ruin the reference by shouting my name, if he prefers. But either way, this story should end with Harry and the bride running off together. Harry Styles doesn't ask women to leave their husbands every day. Well, that we know of. At least do it to have a story to tell your grandkids. Silly Tash.