Brody Jenner Says Kendall Will Break Harry Styles’ Heart — I’m Like ‘Over My Dead Body’

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Brody Jenner Says Kendall Will Break Harry Styles  Heart   I m Like  Over My Dead Body  Kendall Jenner attending American Music Awards November 2013 jpgSince we’re apparently still pretending that Kendall Jenner and Harry Styles are a real couple, now seems to be as good a time as any to start haggling over who is most likely to break up with whom in this fakelationship for the ages.

And this has been a really stressful celebrity season for everyone so far, so it’s lucky that Kendall’s half-brother Brody Jenner is on the case to weigh-in. I was worried that we might not be able to get his opinion on the situation, and that he might not get the attention and the publicity that he so desperately deserves. (And yes, I know I’m not helping.)

But anyway, Brody wants us to know that even though everyone in their right mind realizes that, as the more famous party, Harry’s gonna be the one to call this faux-lationship off, he thinks it’s gonna be the other way around. At least, that’s what he said when asked by Confidenti@l whether he was worried about Harry breaking Kendall’s heart.

“I hate to tell you this, but Kendall will be doing the heartbreaking.”

You’re right, Kendall will probably want to shake free of Harry so she can focus on her new album, possible solo career, and sold out world tour with her band One DirectionOr…wait. Those are all things Harry does. Whereas Kendall spends most of her time being gorgeous, Instagramming her dog, and not going to school.

“I’m sure she’s having a fun time with him. She has a very level head, great head on her shoulders. But they are both so young.”

And yet, old enough to know the benefit of a fakelationship, so not that young. As much as he loves these PR-relationships, I can’t imagine Harry would sign anything that said Kendall could be the one to end it, no matter how much she looks like her older sister Kim Kardashian.

But Brody does have one parting nugget of wisdom for us, just to prove he really knows what he’s talking about even though he…hasn’t actually met Harry. I mean what do you expect, he’s not even invited to Kim and Kanye‘s wedding?

“My dad told me that Harry plays golf, so that’s cool.”

Yes, Brody. That is very cool. You can go back to your nap, now. We’ll call you if we need another quote.

(Photo: Adriana M. Barraza / WENN.com)