Oh Splendid! Here’s A Photo Of Harry Styles Looking Positively Deranged!

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Harry Styles Crazy Eyes

Oh good gracious, someone get the queen on hold. Harry Styles from One Direction (the guy from Taylor Swift's future revenge song, you know him, I promise you do) took a photo where he looks like a deranged human being. Maybe I'm just being overly critical of this photo or maybe it's a really slow news day and I'm desperate to talk about anything One Direction, but do his eyes look a little wonky to you? A little like someone said “Harry do that impression you do of a cannibal who's about to eat his victim” right before someone took this photo.

Because mostly I find him to right downright adorable. He's like the little brother I never had. (Well the other little brother I never had, my own little brother gets so ticked off when I say things like that. So oversensitive sometimes!) So it's strange for me to look at a photo of him where he looks a little crazy. I mean, just look at him right now. For like 10 minutes. Then tell me that you don't feel a little off-balanced, a little like you just entered an Are You Afraid of the Dark episode.

Do you think the photographers just caught him in an off moment or do you think (bear with me tweens, this is going to get rough), this is the real Harry Styles? This mad man with a beautiful head full of hair? And secrets? His hair's certainly full of secrets.

(Photo: Newspix.pl/WENN.com)