You Have to See the Real Hogwarts, A History Textbook from Harry Potter a Fan Made

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No matter what Christmas gifts you have lined up for your friends this year, they will pale in comparsion to what one Harry Potter fan just received. She got a real-life version of the Hogwarts, A History textbook mentioned in the Harry Potter series. The book, which Hermoine apparently knew all by heart, detailed all the aspects of life at Hogwarts like rules for those at the school and all the interesting events of the school's past. It became one Hermonie's most prized possestion as she used it to tell fun facts like what Hogwarts looks like to Muggles and even brought it along with her on the mission to find Horcruxes.

The girl who were all now insanely jealous of, Arshia Chatterjee, told Mashable that after mentioning to fellow Harry Potter fan, Meher Deva, that she wished JK Rowling would write Hogwarts, A History, Meher took it upon herself to write the book. And before you could say, “It's LeviOsa, not LeviosAR!”, she had the finished the book in one night. “She used some facts from Pottermore, although a lot of the info she used is pretty known to most fans,” Chatterjee said.


Meher's handmade version with illustrations covers everything from the founders of the four houses, the different areas of the castle and notable alumni. Arshia said that her favorite pages are “…the Magical Disciplines ones, the one with the Quill of Acceptance, and the first page addressed to me with the ‘Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home' quote.”


More of the book can be seen over at Mashable.

Now only if can convince Meher to mass produce these so we can have a handy reference for all our Hogwarts-related questions because we have a lot.

JK Rowling, no pressure, but you have your work cut out with this one. We need a copy of Hogwarts, A History something fierce.

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