Now That Harper Seven Beckham Walks, I’ve Lost My Edge On Her

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Now That Harper Seven Beckham Walks  I ve Lost My Edge On Her Harper Beckham Walking jpg

I knew the days before Harper Seven Beckham officially became cooler than me were numbered. As of yesterday, the only edge I had on the baby-born-to-be-a-fashion-designer was the fact that I could walk, and she couldn’t. But then this twitpic of threats arrived today from @CKennedyPR, proving that Harper Seven Beckham officially entered the “I can use my legs to get places” club.

Here she is with her mother, just walking along, like she does it every single day. And while she may look sweet and precious in that photo, I know what’s going through her brain: world domination.

That is, if Mother Beckham would just let go of her hand and let her walk by herself. Like a real woman does. No one holds Hilary Clinton’s hand when she steps into the spotlight.

The two were spending time together in Dublin as part of Victoria Beckham’s fashion line launch at the Brown Thomas department store. While some lesser people might view this as a mother-daughter bonding trip, I see it for exactly what it is. An early business lesson for young Harper.

After all, Posh Spice is the Harvard Business School of parents. No child’s ever too young to learn about the industry. Or the proper way to make a big entrance.