Baby Harper Seven Beckham Adorably Sticks Her Tongue Out At The Paparazzi

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Harper Seven sticks tongue out at paparazziI have a soft spot for photos of celebrity offspring interacting with paparazzi. It plays into that eternal “how is my celebrity sausage made?” question, but it's also refreshing to see kids who haven't (yet) been trained on proper photographer etiquette acting like, y'know, rambunctious youngsters.

Suri Cruise passed into the realm of paparazzi-weary tiny human a long time ago, but Harper Seven — the oddly-named first girl-child of Victoria and David Beckham — still has normal reactions to a telephoto lens flashing in her face. She looks so prim and slightly affronted here that I can't help but say “aww” each time I look at the photo. I can almost believe that she won't grow up to be prissy like her mom and could be more like Tina Fey‘s awesome, swaggering daughter Alice.

Because in a world where five-week-old Blue Ivy Carter looks way too reserved for her world debut, we need more celebrity children who aren't constrained by Hollywood etiquette!

Photo: Dlisted