Harper Beckham Isn’t A Tomboy Or A Girly Girl, She’s Just A Baby With A Great Wardrobe

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There's nothing more frustrating to me in the entire world than people labeling celebrity babies with all kinds of adjectives that don't make sense. Take this story about Harper Beckham for example.

Her father, David Beckham says she's a combination of both him and Victoria Beckham — which I guess means that she's just as good at soccer as she is as zig-a-zag-ahing.

“She is a mixture of us both,” the LA Galaxy star player tells HollyBaby.com EXCLUSIVELY. “She is walking and running around and the boys are running with her to make sure she doesn’t fall,” he said, referring to his sons Brooklyn, 13, Romeo, 10, and Cruz, 7. But as we’ve all seen from her adorable outfits and fashionable accessories, Harper has a lot of her mom’s personality as well. “She is also kicking the ball around (while) she is carrying handbags,” he added.

Hollywood Life takes this quote a step further by asking readers what they think of her being a tomboy AND a girly girl at the same time. This is a nonsensical question because she's neither a tomboy or a girly girl. Those are labels people put on babies to give them more personality traits than they have.

Harper Beckham plays with her brothers becuase she has brothers, she plays with a soccer ball because her father's a soccer player and she plays with handbags because they're available. As far as her adorable wardrobe goes, I feel confident saying she has nothing to do with that.

It's not like she's sitting in Baby Gap begging her mother to head over to the baby rhinestone handbag section so she can pick one out, and then demanding that Posh buy her cargo shorts that are suitable for playing in the mud.

And look, I love celebrity babies as much as the next celebrity blogger who lives vicariously through them. But I can't stand when people pretend like they're something that they're not.

They're not girly or boy-y or trendy or preppy. They're just babies with access to amazing  and versatile wardrobes.

Sure, in a few years we can judge them all we want for what they're wearing. But let's at least wait until they're out of diapers.

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