Harper Beckham Was Horribly Underwhelmed By New York Fashion Week

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Fashion designer and former Spice World star Victoria Beckham brought her beloved daughter Harper Beckham with her to New York fashion week this year. Mostly because she's read in several tabloids that Harper already has the eye for high fashion — and therefore she truly does value her opinion.

After all, it's Harper Beckham who infamously said at last year's fashion week, “what is this? Baby Gap? Get me out of here and don't ever make me look at onesies ever again!”

And with that memory in mind, I think it's safe to say that New York Fashion Week completely failed this year. Harper Beckham — the toddler who's allegedly being considered to replace Anna Wintour at Vogue this spring — felt completely uninspired by what she saw on runways this past week. While we're still waiting for her publicist to release an official statement, I think her face says it all.

Harper Beckham David Beckham

Is that the expression of someone's who's looking forward to shopping for new clothes? Or is that the expression of someone who's currently so disgusted by the line her mother put out that she's trying to figure out how to legally emancipate herself before the scandal destroys her career forever?

Everyone knows that one blemish on your fashion resume can ruin you forever. If only I'd been more vocal about my support of shorteralls in fourth grade, I'd be writing for Trendsetter.gov by now. But instead I kept quiet. And now I'll forever just be a maxxinista (never a fashionista). Harper can't take that risk. She must speak up and she must speak up now.

Especially while she's still able to make statements while safely nestled in her father's arms. Here's a PR tip for all you aspiring fashion stars out there. Reporters generally don't lob hard questions at you when you're doing a press conference while being held by David Beckham.

So say what you will Harper Beckham! We're eager to hear your thoughts on everything you saw. Especially your mother's line.

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