5 Facts About Harmony And Rachel Korine: The Indie Hollywood Power Couple Behind Spring Breakers

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Harmony Korine Rachel Korine holding hands March 11, 2009

We’ve waited all too long for the release of Harmony Korine’s newest project Spring Breakers. Because James Franco with cornrows + reformed Disney stars + sizzurp = awesome train wreck cinema. But lucky us, because it finally comes out tomorrow, after all of the insane trailers and scary hair and buzz galore! And I know I’ll be there at the midnight release with a slurpee cup full of blended margarita crowned with an upside down Corona.

I mean, if you have Vanessa Hudgens holding up a restaurant and Selena Gomez pounding shots and J-Franks with grillz, it’s sort of guaranteed that people will at least show up on opening day. But having these box-office-draw stars in a flick helmed by cult film director Harmony Korine makes things all the more interesting. The indie director is known for his hipstagram-filtered films featuring non-narrative stories, usually focusing on grotesque characters and subcultures of the weird. One of the lesser-known spring breakers (the one with the pink hair) is played by his wife Rachel Korine. So with the fact that he cast his wife in his movie in mind, let’s learn a little bit more about this weirdo pair.

1. This is his least crazy film.

Nashville born and New York bred, Korine was a skate kid who got his start with the film Kids in the mid-nineties. It chronicles a day in the life street kids in New York, hanging out, getting high, hooking up in the midst of the aids crisis with an illusion of invincibility and no mind for consequence. Driven very loosely by plot, and based more on observation of a lifestyle his film set the precedent for his non-linear style. Gummo is essentially a series of striking disturbing character vignettes focusing on a tornado-torn Ohio town.  One of the scenes involves cat torture. Not for the faint of heart.

2. Harmony is 14 years older than Rachel

In 2004, 31-year-old Harmony met a 17-year-old Rachel were filming their first project together. It was a music video for Bonnie ‘Prince' Billy‘s “No More Workhorse Blues” in which Rachel appears in blackface as a ghostly bride. Now Harmony is 40 and Rachel is 26, which I guess is more kosher? But I'm not gonna lie, I totally thought she was his daughter at one point.

3. This is their 3rd film together.

Rachel has an ancillary role as Little Red Riding Hood in Korine’s film Mister Lonely, which follows an (un)likely budding friendship between a Michael Jackson impersonator and a Marilyn Monroe impersonator. In Trash Humpers, the husband/wife duo play 2 of a band of geriatric vandals in the underbelly of Nashville who go around humping trash cans. And check out this makeup. Harmony is on the left, Rachel on the right.

Harmony and Rachel Korine dressed as old people

4. Rachel's parents weren't down with Spring Break.

Rachel mentions in this interview that forming the rebellious motivation for her wasn't too hard. Her parents were conservative when it came to partying, and she wasn't allowed to participate in spring break trips with her friends. In this film, she was able to let her freak flag fly and let out the pent up Id urges from her teenage days living within her parents' rules.

5. Rachel is the only Spring Breaker to go topless in the film…

And after this flick, Seth MacFarlane can add her to the “We Saw Your Boobs” jingle, being that she was the only member of the female cast among Gomez, Hudgens, and Ashley Benson to go topless in the film. But, hey, free spirits attract free spirits, and this is the first lady of Trash Humpers. She's an adventurous lady, and will compromise nothing for her art.

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