Happy Endings Is The Friends Of Our Generation

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I grew up watching Friends during my impressionable teen years. I found each and every one of the friends hilarious and charming in their own way. While I watch the show now and acknowledge that there are more than a few issues with their lifestyles (mainly money-related), I still enjoy it. It's still a quality show full of incredibly memorable moments. Moments that still make me say, “pivot, pivot” whenever I'm moving furniture around. Even if pivoting isn't at all required.

Ever since Friends went off the air in 2004, people have mourned the loss of a similar comedy. But unbeknownst to so many of us, one arrived stealthily in the spring of 2011. It's called Happy Endings and it's one of the most underrated comedies on TV right now. Because it came in as a mid-season replacement, it never quite got the hype or promotion that I think it deserved. But over the past year or so, it's gained some popularity and some new fans — including me.


I rarely laugh aloud because I'm one of those horrible people who just breathes heavily when they're entertained. However Happy Endings makes me laugh aloud. That means it's really funny.

Just like Friends, it's about a group of 20-somethings (maybe even 30-somethings) living in a city and spending the majority of their free time together.  Even when it makes no sense. Only in TV shows do groups of friends find it so easy to coordinate plans together every single week. It's truly amazing. I'd love to know their secret, because i'm currently on about 46 different email chains where we're attempting to make dinner plans 6-8 weeks in advance…and still we can't find a night that works for everyone.

The characters — Jane, Alex, Dave, Max, Brad, Penny — are all normal people living normal lives. Sure there are romances mixed in and bad dates and awkward moments, but for the most part the show's about those moments in life when nothing really happens. There are no complicated story arcs or major moments of character development, just a lot of silly moments strung together.

If you think that sounds stupid, you're thinking wrong. Because just like with Friends, these small moments and these inside jokes are what make you want to be there. Unlike so many other comedies where you'd never want to befriend the main characters, you do want to befriend these six people.

After a season of watching, you start to feel like you know them. And I even catch myself lately thinking of an inside joke I have and being like “who is that with?” — only to realize it's not with real people. It's from the characters on Happy Endings. While I know this means I watch too much TV, I also know it means that I'm watching the right shows.

It's not like I'm bringing up classic Teen Mom lines at brunch and being like remember when one of our friends had a baby? Who was that?

While this show won't replace Rachel, Ross, Chandler, Monica, Phoebe and Joey in your hearts, it will add some new friends and some new funny lines and some new moments. Moments that belong in the '10s and not the '90s — and moments that come laugh track free. Because gosh, doesn't that noise drive you crazy now that we're so modern?!

And best of all, most of these characters have jobs that explain how they afford their awesome apartments, no inheritance from grandma involved at all.

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