Please Don’t Let The Happy Endings Cast Be All Cliquey And Mean

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Are you a fan of Happy Endings, the consistently funny ABC sitcom that's a quirky new Friends with better chemistry? Well, then you should feel bad! Because according to anonymous sources, the chemistry that makes everyone love the cast also means that these six stars are total assholes to everyone else.

Star magazine has you covered, with the latest from an “insider” who claims the sextet is basically a clique into which you'll never gain access. “They're constantly laughing at inside jokes,” the source claims, “and if you aren't in their group you're completely ignored.” Apparently Megan Mullally hated her guest spot (which she did twice, mind you) that she told producers never to call her again. Furthermore, it's impossible to book any guest stars because they hate feeling left out of the group.

There was about thirty seconds where I was so worried that this item was true. Happy Endings is an underdog show, so it makes sense that the cast would bond together during that first rocky season. It's human nature to congregate and then exclude others. But then I realized that the way we found out about this Star “article” was via a tweet from the Happy Endings writers' staff. Alongside the screenshot they wrote, “Here is a completely false article by Hush Hush Magazine. #ontheqt”

Yeah, I'm gonna file this one under “cub reporter needs to whip up a quick, semi-plausible gossip story.” Look at those adorable faces! I truly find it hard to believe that Eliza Coupe, Damon Wayans, Jr., Casey Wilson, Zachary Knighton, Elisha Cuthbert, and Adam Pally would exclude anyone. NewNowNext puts it perfectly: It's unfortunate when a well-functioning ensemble gets attacked for getting along too well. It's not like we're hearing these stories about, say, the cast of Grey's Anatomy.

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