There Might Be A Happy Ending For Happy Endings After All

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Penny Happy endings illegal sleeping medicine

As one of the six loyal viewers of Happy Endings, I'm thrilled to hear the news that the show might not be over forever. In fact, according to the show's creator, David Caspe, there's still hope out there that the show could be picked up on another network.  As our favorite gal pal Penny would say, Ah-mazing. 

Even though the show hasn't caught on the way it should've by now,  I still believe that it could if people gave it a fair chance. The problem — besides ABC turning its weekly episode air time into a weekly scavenger hunt that even my DVR couldn't keep up with on the reg — is that the show's full of inside jokes. Which is great if you watch every single episode. Not so great if you make a friend watch one random episode in an attempt to convince her that the show's amazing.

Like so many great comedies before it (*cough* *cough* Arrested Development), you have to watch the episodes in order to fully appreciate them to their fullest. Watch one episode and you'll hate every single character. Watch every single episode and you'll feel like they're family. Am I saying it's anywhere near as smart as ArrestedNo, but nothing is, so that's not a fair comparison.

Am I saying it's smarter than 90% of the comedies you see on TV today? Yes, yes I am. In a year when we've lost 30 Rock and the The B in Apartment 23 and the prospect that The Mindy Project would be laugh-out-loud-funny, it seems unfair that we're on the verge of losing another good show. So cross your fingers that it ends up getting picked up on another network. And while you're doing that, make sure to also watch every single episode that's aired so far so you're all caught up for next season. If you like funny TV, you'll like Happy Endings. That's all there is to it.

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