In Honor Of Tina Fey’s Birthday, We Present You With 10 Amazing Liz Lemon GIFS

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Happy birthday, Tina Fey!

In honor of the 30 Rock writer and actress, we’ve compiled a gallery of some of our favorite Liz Lemon GIFS from the show.

You know Liz Lemon…she’s that super pulled-together NBC executive who drinks expensive scotch in her corner office and always wears a suit? No? Okay we may have gotten confused. That was Jack Donaghy. Liz Lemon is the one who wears sweatpants to work, finds jars of urine in her office, and can quote Star Wars around a mouthful of cake.

…and we love her for it! Tina, we wish you a happy birthday full of sandwiches, awkward dancing, and successful photo-bombs.

With love, Crushable.

In Honor Of Tina Fey s Birthday  We Present You With 10 Amazing Liz Lemon GIFS Awkward kiss gif

Enjoy this awkward birthday kiss from Jack Donaghy, played by Alec Baldwin.

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