Happy Birthday Adele! Here Are Some Adorable Children Covering ‘Someone Like You’

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Happy Birthday Adele  Here Are Some Adorable Children Covering  Someone Like You  radio sukapura fm adele someone like you jpg

Today Adele turns 24, which means she really owes us another album. Where is 23? There are girls being dumped everyday that need new songs to help them understand their emotions! Even if she’s failed to deliver another round of tear-jerking tunes we love Adele, and to celebrate the singer’s birthday we’ve collected videos some of her youngest, most adorable fans doing the impossible: turning “Someone Like You” into a song that makes you smile instead of sob uncontrollably. That’s the power of cuteness.

What she lacks in diction she makes up for in gravity; that is one somber kid. Maybe there was a daycare romance gone wrong she needs to explore?

Heartbreak isn’t just for girls.

This is not a kid who’s ever going to wallow after a break-up. She’s not devastated that you’ve moved on, she’s pissed.

Once she gets over the fact that her microphone isn’t edible she really gets into it.

A little girl who knows presentation and energy are just as important as hitting the notes.