18 Reasons the Halloweentown is the Best Halloween Movie

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Back during the peak of incredible Disney Channel Original Movies (DCOMs) there was one franchise to rule them all: Halloweentown. In 1998, a little movie called Halloweentown was released and it single handedly (okay, maybe an exaggeration) made Halloween cool again. The franchise of movies that stemmed from it are some of the best Disney Channel movies of all time — and the best Halloween movies ever. Step aside Hocus Pocus.

In case you haven't watched the movies in a while (but, duh, you probably watched them last October) they totally hold up. Except for the fourth one that replaced Kimberly J. Brown as Marnie and for that we'll never forgive it. Keep reading to be reminded why the Halloweentown films are the best Halloween movies of all time.

1. “Halloween is cool”

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Marnie was always stoked on Halloween, even when those around her tried to diminish the holiday. Marnie was never allowed to trick-or-treat and was still obsessed with everything about the spooky holiday. That's true love. Thank god she had the coolest grandma in the world to give her a yearly dose of all things Halloween. Halloween is the one true “weird” holiday we have and embracing the spooky, silly, scary side of things is never bad.