11 Halloween Costumes For BFFs That Will Make Everyone Want To Be Your Third Wheel

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We're less than two weeks away from Halloween, and I can smell the toilet-papered houses from here. There's still time to think of a clever costume, and that's where Crushable comes in. We've given you ideas for couples costumes and group costumes and the costumes everyone else will be wearing. But what if you're going out on the town with your BFF and want to make everyone crave brunch with you? Not to worry. Here are eleven topical best friend costumes to wear with your bestie that will make everyone want in on your friendship.

1. Austin Mahone and Justin Bieber

Austin Mahone Justin Bieber(Photo: Dennis Van Tine, Future Image, WENN / WENN)

These two look practically identical, so you and your friend can shop for clothes together and dress almost the same. Make people guess which one of you is which and then change up who's who throughout the night. Bonus points if you do that fun Marx Brothers mirror gag.

2. A Celebrity Fakelationship Stepping Out

Kaley Cuoco Henry Cavill July 3 2013 Los Angeles California(Photo: Juan Sharma/Pacific Coast News)

Dress casual-cool with a few light shopping bags and walk around the party arm-in-arm and smiling from ear to ear. Jump in front of every person you can find who has a camera and make sure they get a picture of you. Then cordially shake hands and go home separately.

3. Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson

39th Annual People's Choice Awards January 9 2013(Photo: Adriana M. Barraza/WENN)

Do you have a secret crush on your best friend? This costume is the perfect catharsis. You can talk in hidden messages about how much you like them all night and no one will think it's weird because that's how Josh Hutcherson talks. Bonus points if one of you is a foot taller.

4. Sophia Grace and Rosie

2013 Billboard Music Awards May 19 2013 Las Vegas Nevada (Photo: Nikki Nelson/WENN)

Get this one in fast before it becomes completely intolerable (the clock is ticking). This costume is great if one of you is really shy but the other one cannot stop talking. It's also great if you want to show off your British accent. Then find someone dressed as Ellen and follow them around the whole night.

5. Bilbo Baggins and Smaug the Dragon

Bilbo Baggins The Hobbit(Photo: Warner Bros. via IMDb)

If you and your friend are fans of Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch but are worried that everyone else will have already thought to be John Watson and Sherlock Holmes, have no fear. One of you put on some furry feet and a waistcoat and the other one strap on some wings and scales. Voila!

6. Bruce and Kris Jenner

Bruce Jenner and Kris Jenner Los Angeles California April 8 2011(Photo: WENN)

This costume is just perfect for two best girlfriends. Just try not to fight over who gets to wear which earrings.

7. Nicki Minaj’s Boobs

Nicki Minaj Boobs(Photo: Instagram)

Yesterday Nicki Minaj was kind enough to share this horrifying photo of herself topless with nipple pasties. If you're into being matchy-matchy, you and your friend can strap huge pillows to your bodies and decorate them with leopard-print stars. Don't forget to chain yourselves to each other with oversized gold necklaces.

8. Sara Bareilles and Katy Perry

Sara Bareilles Katy Perry(Photo: WENN / Nikki Nelson, WENN)

One of you wear a whipped cream bra and blue hair, and the other one rock a casual fedora. If you're the Katy, spend the night taking food off your Sara's plate, and if you're the Sara, politely inform her that sharing's just fine. Then impress everyone with your amazing “Roar” and “Brave” mash-up.

9. Alec Baldwin and a Paparazzo

Alec Baldwin Rock Paper Photo Collection Opening July 1 2013 New York City NY(Photo: Alberto Reyes/ WENN)

If you have a friend who will not stop taking pictures everywhere they go, just turn it into a costume by dressing in a dapper suit and yelling threats at them the whole night. Then make sure your friend takes plenty of pictures of the fakelationship people to make it really authentic.

10. Lindsay and Dina Lohan

Lindsay Lohan Dina Lohan Lawyer's Office May 4 2010(Photo: WENN)

Is your best friend your mom? Do you want an excuse to go out and party together while also being funny about it? Get ready to draw on some freckles, because you're about to be Lindsay and Dina.

11. Miley's Wrecking Ball and Sledge Hammer

Miley Cyrus Wrecking Ball(Photo: Youtube)

Everyone's going to be dressed like Miley this year, so if you're really interested in doing something Miley-related, you'll have to make it pretty original. If you're a fan of dressing as inanimate objects, why not be a wrecking ball and sledge hammer? This is great if you and your bestie like to live on the wild side, because you'll have to avoid all the half-naked Mileys who want to ride/lick you.

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