Hallmark Christmas Movies Coming Out This Holiday Season

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The time we've been waiting for all year is finally here! It's a time for cheesy, romantic, ridiculous, and awesome made-for-TV Christmas movies. IDK about you guys, but my holiday isn't complete without watching — at the very least — a few Hallmark Christmas movies. These made-for-TV features are notoriously so bad, they're actually good. I'm not knocking you if you genuinely enjoy them… Because secretly, I think I kind of do, too (Shhh). They're a *guilty pleasure* if you will.

This year Hallmark is blessing us with A LOT of Christmas-centric movies on their original channel and a few extra movies on their other channel Hallmark Movies and Mysteries. Here is a sneak peek at most of these movies, air dates, and a small plot summary so you can pick and choose your poison. Hey, this is the busiest time of year and you don't have two hours to waste! Don't worry if you miss the original premieres, because you know these will be playing alll season long.